Reinforcing our Commitment

Hailaast Community Center

Since 2011, our Centre provides services to improve the general character of the Hailaast community and assist families towards becoming good neighbors.

There are several problems we are seeking to address.

  • There is a lack of positive relationships between parents and their children.  Many fathers are often absent for long periods of time or drunk.

  • Poverty and a general lack of self-esteem and self-care results in poor family health.

  • As we address the character issues we also address issues of poor personal hygiene.


At present assistance is given in the areas of:

  • After school and study care for children of poor families

  • 4 times/week warm meal for children suffering from malnutrition

  • Children’s Library

  • Women’s and men’s groups

  • Alcohol rehabilitation classes

  • Family counseling & mediation

  • Lessons for parents about children’s behavior

  • Different kind of trainings


Through our Center relationships have been restored, children improved at school, parents had found jobs.


The Center became a save place for the families to come and seek help.

News & Views

Dental Care

We are so grateful for those who helped us to teach our children lessons about oral hygiene.  

To know more please visit our blog.

New House, New Hope

As a child, Odkgo, together with her 9 brothers and sisters lived in a orphanage because her parents couldn't look after her.

Later in her life she had her own family but because of poverty, her husband died of pneumonia and she was afraid that her kids would have the same fate.  In the winter, without any furniture, they would sleep in the freezing ground.

With the help of supporters from N. Ireland, we could buy to her a new house.  Now we are helping Odkgo to find a work.  


April 2d, 2018

It is wonderful to know that we have friends all around the world.  A donation to a family was received and we could help the children buying for them school uniforms.  

They are now back to school and doing well.


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